Foggy Morning in Central Park - New York City Art


RD Riccoboni

Foggy Morning in  Central Park - New York City Art
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Foggy Morning in  Central Park - New York City Art
Foggy Spring Morning in The Park" The Great Pond Central Park West New York City with the building reflected in the lake. Painted by Randy RD Riccoboni acrylic on canvas. Impressionist art and Realism art includes California Art, San Diego Art, Los Angeles Art, San Francisco Art, New York Art, Manhattan Art, New York City Art, Connecticut Art, New England Art. Color is the first thing you notice about my work. What makes pop is the placement of color and texture. The primary colors in my palette are derived from the colors in the original rainbow flag which represent sexuality, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit. As a painter I am a visual storyteller. A message comes with the art - perhaps it is playful, calming, erotic, disturbing, political, or even sacred. I like to flirt with the issues and experiences we face in everyday life, the things we do and the places we go that define our lives. Whether positive, humorous, or thought provoking, my work portrays events people relate to while creating a sense of place for the viewer. RD Riccoboni is an innovative American-born painter (California, 1960), influenced by his early years living in the suburbs of New York City. A self-taught artist, he credits encouragement by family and teachers for his drive and inspiration. Riccoboni paintings on canvas and paper depict his travels and local interest. Subjects include California landscape, cityscape, portraiture, street-scenes, public events, and everyday happenings and friends. His palette is derived from the bold colors of the original rainbow flag. Colors that represent, sexuality, healing, sunshine, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. Riccoboni's award winning and internationally recognized work represents community, a sense of place in a positive and life affirming manner.
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